“Where High Magic fails, oak and iron may yet prevail” 
Physical Security or Electronic?
We do both so maybe no clear winner ...
We love fitting State of the art electronic security and building management systems , the benefits are so immediately obvious and they blend very well with the high tech world we live in now

we always urge people to not overlook the simpler old fashioned benefit of good quality solid physical security , often when we are called to fix security or automation systems fitted by others we find that the fault is with the hardware - poor quality and/or badly fitted hardware and doors
As well as being a company member of the Master Locksmiths Association 
3DM building solutions has the huge benefit of being part of 3DM Pty , a high quality domestic and commercial building maintenance company giving direct access to all trades rather than just electronics technicians , so there is no temptation for us to sell expensive electronic solutions when a good solid physical solution will work just as well or sometimes better