Doors & Frames
Doors really are essential - how would we get in and out without them!! 
From a security point of view they are probably one of the most vulnerable parts of a building and certainly the most attacked ,a part often forgotten is the vulnerability of the frame - we view the door and frame as a system which is only as strong as it's weakest part

As a Licensed security company backed by  a QBCC Licensed Carpentry & Maintenance company we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve the optimal balance of security and convenience - all with a dash of style 

We will match the door system to your needs from a warm inviting ,but secure,entrance door for your home through to an efficient system for your business or on to our High Security range - suitable for banks and Military installations 
​We use timber doors steel doors Aluminium doors and even plastic doors - it's not so much the material used as how it's used