CCTV For Convenience
At the simplest level CCTV saves us going on a long walk to see who is at the gate,or what is happening the other end of a warehouse  - in most cases this overlaps to some extent into Security, and can incorporate recording and/or monitoring
  • Generally lower cost
  • Potentially scalable and extendable
  • Good for an "as and when " glance over a workspace
CCTV For Security
CCTV is in many ways the ultimate security tool recording gives us a verifiable history of past events and  live or alarm monitoring gives us control over current events
  • With the addition of recording facilities CCTV can (if of adequate quality) be used to solve crime or industrial dispute
  • With the addition of onsite or remote monitoring makes the best use of security staff or reduces the number of staff required
Monitored CCTV 
The Ultimate version of the Ultimate Security tool ,live monitoring of CCTV is an invaluable tool for Security management 
  • See who is doing what as they are doing it
  • Allows swift response and preventative action to crime or hazardous situations
  • Allows all stakeholders to be alerted as necessary
  • can be used to monitor and improve safety and optimize production process
Own or rent?
For long term fixed installation owning your system still makes a lot of sense 
For dynamic ever changing or short term situations renting often makes sense - we can provide simple rugged systems with video verification of alarm signals - ideal for construction sites , temporary storage , rented or vacant  homes or commercial premises 
Is it really CCTV?
We felt we should look at this slightly "techie" question here 
Some would say that with the advent of network cameras the "Closed Circuit " part of CCTV ceased to be correct 
Our answer is - it depends on the system and how it is fitted and configured , some poorly installed systems are open to anyone with basic I.T. skills whereas some are full Military Security spec. , and of course cameras can still be connected on their own dedicated circuit or network when required